Learn Music In A Fun, Thoughtful, & Engaging Way From A Passionate & Supportive Teacher!


Multi-Dimensional, Creative, & Common Sense Instruction


Individual, Group, Sibling, & Family Classes  


Guitar / Piano / bass/ drums/ songwriting/  Ukulele / Voice ~ 45 min 1 Hour & 90 min Sessions ~  Lets Jam

Bringing Music into your home! Michael offers a loving and gentle multidimensional approach to learning the craft of music in the comfort of your own home. Sessions are highly Individualized with a handmade feel and focus on the fundamentals as well as ear training, song writing, transcription projects, and explorative Jams. 
Let's Schedule A Lesson
  • Learn the Fundamentals and Solid Instrumental Skills


  • Uncover your Natural Musical Abilities and Build on those Strengths


  • Hear and Feel the Music, Unlock Inspiration to Create more Freely and Spontaneously


  • Expand your Musical Vocabulary and Learn how to Jam in a Group setting


  • Put it All together so you can Begin to Write Your Own Songs

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